Templates No Memebership Guarantee

The 'No Membership Guaranteed' means that our company guarantees the product you're purchasing is not shared or distributed with any 'members only' collections. This site is an active participant of the 'No template membership' campaign and encourages its customers and partners not to purchase web designs from membership-based sites.

We call them “template dumps“.

There are elements of the website design industry that depend on “membership“ marketing systems. Clip art, photos, and some other elements of website design would fall in this category. However, website templates, just below custom website design in complexity, do not.

“Membership“ sales of website templates is a form of market “dumping.“ We object to distortion of the market through deliberate destruction of the value of the designers' work. We welcome competition at price points; we rebel against a market practice that is fundamentally dishonest regarding its intentions and results.

We deliberately limit the circulation of our templates in order to maintain their uniqueness on the Internet. Membership-based template “dumpers“ make some strange claims. Among them: that their customers only download the few that they are actually interested in, leaving the larger collection untouched. Common sense upsets this claim.

If a person is paying for the right to download a thousand template collection, do they download just five templates, or do they download the entire collection? The answer is obvious.

“Membership“ based “dumps“ further claim to limit the number of sales of individual templates, claiming that this in itself limits distribution.

Our customers tend to enjoy pride of ownership, because we strive for uniqueness and rarity. This pride can't exist where a “fifty dollar member“ acquires a spare “junk pile“ of website templates he can't use, but owns the rights to.

There can be no control to distribution in this case, as the product is not treated with much dignity. The likelihood of seeing many, many clones of a design you purchase is exponential. We protect our customers with a limited use license to our products.

Which introduces the subject of copyright infringement: We defend our copyrights, as the design process is an expensive one, and it is the nature of “design“ that the customer expects freshness, originality and quality. Such a guarantee is logically impossible in the “membership“ setting.

In practice, template “dumps“ encourage abusive mass circulation of products of questionable origin and ownership, and the unwitting “member“ uses them on the Internet at some risk.

Our prices are fair, our product is excellent, and our customers are protected, so buy with confidence!